Thomas Titans Series

Book #1: Men Among Boys
When Ayush, an Indian-Chinese street kid, gets accepted into one of Singapore’s oldest and most prestigious boys’ schools, he thinks he can start life afresh. He leaves his delinquent past behind him and befriends Lasso, a bumbling fat boy who’s crazy about Ariel, a “mermaid” acting in a school play.

Before long, Ayush finds himself caught between Ariel and Lasso, which threatens his friendship with Lasso. And when his shady past comes back to haunt him, he unwittingly gets both Ariel and Lasso involved with gangsters. Ayush now has to find a way to extricate himself from the gang, but can he do it without sacrificing his best friends?

Book Review on Thomas Titans: Men Among Boys

“The Next Chapter for Singapore’s E-Book Industry”: Feature on Adeline’s new e-book, Thomas Titans.
Today, 18 June 2012

Two Boys and A Mermaid
Now on Channel 5, a TV adaptation from Adeline’s tween novel, Thomas Titans.

Click to read the conversation with Adeline Foo by Info-communications Media Development Authority
August 2016


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